Maharaja Express:

Come along on an unparalleled journey as we discover the grandeur and extravagance of the Maharaja Express. This opulent train transforms travel by providing guests with a glimpse into India’s historical regal past.

Unmatched Luxuriousness: What Makes Maharaja Express Unique

As you board the Maharaja Express, you will experience unmatched luxury. Every element of the trip, from the opulent interiors decorated with exquisite craftsmanship to the flawless service provided with regal refinement, is intended to soothe and please guests.

Routes and Destinations Covered:

Take the Maharaja Express to explore the varied topography and rich cultural legacy of India. Every tour promises a tapestry of life-changing experiences, from the busy streets of Delhi to the magnificent forts of Rajasthan and the tranquil backwaters of Kerala.

Pricing and Packages for Tickets:

Treat yourself to opulence on the Maharaja Express, where tickets can cost up to Rs. 19 lakhs. Travelers get a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of royalty, so even with the expensive price, the experience is well worth it.

Living the Maharaja Lifestyle:

Every moment spent on the Maharaja Express is infused with the sense of royalty, from fine dining experiences hand-picked by master chefs to private excursions to famous monuments. Visitors are given a smooth experience that combines history, friendliness, and unmatched elegance.


a voyage on the Maharaja Express is like stepping into a world of grandeur and fantasy: a voyage beyond imagination. It continues to be the pinnacle of luxury train travel in India, providing guests with experiences that are expertly designed, unparalleled luxury, and memories that last a lifetime.


Q1: What facilities does the Maharaja Express offer?
A1: The Maharaja Express provides a number of facilities, including as opulent cabins, excellent dining establishments, lounge rooms, a bar, souvenir shops, and a committed staff that attends to all need.

Q2: Are travelers subject to any age restrictions?
A2: Passengers are expected to follow the rules and decorum established by the train management, even though there are no age limitations.

3. Is it possible for travelers to alter their schedule?
A3: The Maharaja Express provides well planned routes that visit well-known locations throughout India. Major changes to the itinerary are subject to availability and additional fees, however minor tweaks can be possible.

Q4: Is there Wi-Fi on board?
A4: Because the train travels through remote areas, there may be periods of time when Wi-Fi service is restricted or nonexistent.

Q5: How long in advance do tickets need to be purchased?
A5: Since tickets for the Maharaja Express are in high demand and have limited supply, it is best to purchase them well in advance, particularly during the busiest travel periods.

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